The Habitude of Top Functioning Developers

How performing a developer is, to a great extent depends upon how they spend their day outside their work because “Our Daily habitude simply determines our attitude towards life”.

So, In this article, I will be sharing certain rituals or habits that every developer should inculcate in their routine so as to perform at their optimal.

Most developers believe that in order to be successful and be among the top-performing it takes a ‘LOT’. And I can't agree more, that it takes a ‘LOT’.

1. LOT — Learn One Thing

Knowledge is the single most valuable asset that every developer should invest in recurringly. Things that you would be learning now may not seem that useful today but your efforts will not be worthless in the long run. Always remember that —

“Knowledge always interests in a compounded manner”

So learning one new thing even 5 times a week for 52 weeks of a year even with 80% consistency will make you learn approximately 210 new things in a year that can have a huge impact on your growth.

Studies show that the learning capacity of humans is usually at its peak in the early mornings as our cognitive abilities are at their sharpest after breaking off from sleep inertia. I recommend kickstarting your day, by reading a few articles or watching any tutorials 30 mins prior to your work, with the aim of taking away with you at least “One New Thing”.

Personal and Youtube(tutorials) are my favorite goto learning platforms.

2. Challenge yourself Physically

Even though if all of these things don't make sense or inspire you to start your exercising journey, I would say that for me exercising teaches me the importance of discipline and consistency that can bring not even a change but a transformation to your life. It also preaches us that there is no substitute for hard work and shortcuts to success, As you will not start experiencing differences in your mental and physical health without putting an adequate amount of work.

So, I will recommend to always start your day with at least 30–45 mins of exercise every single morning because completing the most difficult task as the first thing in the morning will provide you with a sense of achievement, and inspiration.

3. Keep Contributing

Your greatness doesn’t lie in what you have, It lies in what you give

Start writing articles, start creating tutorials, start developing courses, or simply share resources and your experience with someone who aspires to be a developer, so that they can become better than what you are today, and believe me nothing in this world can substitute that happiness.


That’s it for this article. If you find this article helpful do let me know. Stay Tuned!!

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